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Ability Action Community Interest Company (CIC) Turning Disability into Capability)

Ability Action Community Interest Company (CIC) Turning Disability into Capability


Peter and Claire McAllister

Ability Action CIC (AACIC) is a non-profit community focused organisation set up in January 2012. Offering services for and on behalf of disabled people and their families. Run by highly qualified disabled individuals, AACIC understand the problems and the inherent difficulties that disabilities can create for people and their families.

AACIC are based in Southend and can offer the following services to disabled individuals, their families and the wider community within Southend, Essex and beyond:

  • Educational projects
  • Advocacy services
  • Training and teaching sessions around disability issues to organisations and their staff members
  • Information, advice and guidance about disability issues to individuals and organisations
  • Welfare support and advice including assistance such as with completion of Personal Independence Payment (PIP, formerly DLA) forms; and representation at tribunals
  • Research projects
  • Careers advice and related projects
  • Effective signposting to other local and national services as required

AACIC's ongoing portfolio includes schools, training and advocacy and welfare projects. They have a wealth of experience working with primary, secondary and tertiary level students; having AACIC’s ongoing portfolio includes schools, training and advocacy and welfare projects.developed a range of disability themed assemblies and workshops such as around bullying, sport/Paralympics and language/culture. They are also pleased to report a very high success rate working with and representing individuals with benefit claims and tribunals through their advocacy and welfare project.

AACIC operates an equal opportunities policy and does not discriminate on any grounds. They welcome contact from any individual or organisation about issues relating to any disability or to discuss the potential for partnership working; they also welcome all suggestions and comments about the services they offer.

If you would like to find out more about them please visit their website at, email them at or call Peter on 07851 810822.

Ability Action CIC is a registered non-profit organisation, registered number 07839627, with full public liability and professional indemnity insurance (documentation available on request).

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