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Avalon Energy Medicine - The Alternative Way
Avalon Energy Medicine: Psychic Healing in Sudbury; Reiki in Sudbury; Spiritual Healing in Sudbury;
Reflexology in Sudbury; Hopi Ear Therapy in Sudbury.

Avalon - Energy Medicine - The Alternative Way

Cathy Vango is an experienced therapist offering Psychic Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Reflexology, and Hopi Ear Therapy in and around Colchester, Sudbury, Bures, South Suffolk and North Essex.

Thank you for visiting my web page where I can tell you a little bit about myself and my healing work.

Healing HandsMy name is Cathy Vango and I live in a lovely village called Bures near Sudbury. Our village is divided by the River Stour, the county boundary between Essex and Suffolk I live on the north side, in Suffolk. I have a nice home and a lovely family. I consider I am just an ordinary woman who has been blessed and privileged to have been given the gift of healing. I practice in Bures and also in and around Colchester and offer home visits throughout North Essex and South Suffolk.

I tune into the energy everyday for inspiration, balance and peace. I draw healing not from the surrounding area or within, but from universal energy; all loving and all knowing, non-denominational, the Divine. My own life path has been one of many lessons, stumbles and kicks from behind from spirit; little did I know this was healer’s boot camp! The most valuable lesson to learn is that criticism, judgement and negativity towards ourselves and others ultimately lead to dis-ease in the body.

Some painful life issues, especially old ones, are beyond words and discussions but continue to cause pain and suffering even decades later. Whatever the cause, my way is to help you glide effortlessly into a state of blissful relaxation where the highest and most profound healing occurs, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Human AuraMy healing work is not restricted to the probable or ordinary. It can change people’s lives in minutes with new insights and positivity, and often total relief from even long term chronic pain – both physical and emotional.

A person suffering from physical or emotional problems generates an abnormal electrical field around them. As a healer I can sense, see and feel the field.
By creating a stronger and different field to re-align these energies, the client will gain a positive effect on all levels from the mundane and trivial to the life limiting and terminal. No tools are used, only the healer’s hands.

Channelled energy creates an amazing refuge of well-being. It comforts, calms, soothes, relieves pain and instigates physical healing. This is appropriate at any stage of life including children with behavioural problems. Animals also benefit enormously from healing, proving without question that no faith is required!

Psychic & Spiritual Healing
Tuning into the aura and channelling healing energies. The spiritual awareness of an individual is raised. Profoundly uplifting for mind, body and soul.

ReflexologyReiki – hands-on healing
Useful for any physical, spiritual or emotional condition. Gentle and non-invasive. Reiki attunements also available.

Massage and pressure technique used on hands or feet as a means to effect healing on any part of the body.

Hopi Ear Therapy
Complete relaxation for the mind and body whilst re-balancing the inner ear. Useful for ear and sinus conditions.


Cathy Vango, M.N.F.S.H. Reiki Master. M.A.N.M. Hopi, Reflex, Diploma
Avalon Energy Medicine
Tel: 01787 227155


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