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Terms And Conditions

1. All web advertising orders MUST be paid for by Standing Order. (A Standing Order form will be e-mailed to you for completion on receipt of your advertising request).

2. A minimum 12 month contract will apply with one month's notice of cancellation required thereafter.

3. Prices quoted allow for a reasonable amount of content i.e. not design, to be updated once each quarter.

4. All appropriate information to be supplied by the client within 10 working days of placing the order.

5. Extended Information format will be submitted to the client for approval.

6. Failure to confirm approval or request amendments for Extended Information within 5 working days will normally be deemed as approval.

7. Basic listings will normally be live within 5 working days of receipt of first payment.

8. Extended Information will normally be live within 10 working days of the latter of a) receipt of first payment or b) confirmed or deemed approval.