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StemPets – Stem cell nutritional therapy for dogs and cats

Adult stem cells play a key role in the body's natural renewal process, both for humans and for animals. It probably isn't surprising therefore that Stem Cell Therapy for pets in increasingly common.

Healthy dogThese treatments are proving very effective at relieving the pain and discomfort caused by degenerative problems such as osteoarthritis, muscle tears, ligament and tendon injuries and a number of other health issues that our beloved cats and dogs may suffer from. But medical procedures provided by veterinary surgeons, normally including a general anaesthetic, are expensive and also carry a risk.


But there is an alternative, delivered easily and affordably by a natural, liver flavoured, chewable tablet!

StemPets Advanced formula is a high quality nutritional supplement that supports the release of adult stem cells from your pet's bone marrow. It is the pet equivalent of StemEnhance, a patented stem cell enhancer that is supported by scientific evidence.

Healthy catStem cells are master cells which can replicate and renew any other cells in the body. Stem cells are the very core of your pet's natural renewal system just as they are for humans. As humans and animals get older, the number of circulating stem cells in the blood stream decreases leaving us more susceptible to injury and other health challenges. StemPets can reverse that decline in your cats and dogs.

If you want to maintain their optimum health, isn't it time you started to give your cats and dogs StemPets?

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