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Stemenhance - supporting your body's natural renewal process

helping the body's own renewal system.

Medical research continues to deliver hope for millions of people across the globe suffering from illness and disease. One of the fastest growing areas of research is stem cell medicine and numerous operations can already be carried out, often with life-saving results.

The body's own renewal system is based on stem cells circulating in the blood stream and travelling to where they are most needed in the body to replicate and regenerate damaged cells. The problem is that this process isn't always as effective as it should be: the renewal system slows down and the body deteriorates.

Stemtech rangeThe good news is that a unique, patented, natural nutritional supplement – fully backed by scientific evidence – has been shown to help the release of stem cells from the body's own bone marrow to increase the circulation of stem cells in the blood stream, and then travel to where they are most needed. This remarkable family of stem cell nutritional products can help people of all ages maintain optimal health.


The products range includes the following:

SE2 Advanced Stem Cell Support An advanced version of the original, ground breaking natural stem enhancer, StemEnhance.
StemFlow A unique blend of antioxidants and enzymes that support blood circulation and the flow of adult stem cells and nutrients.
ST-5 with MigraStem A blend of more than 30 nutrients and antioxidants to provide daily balanced nutrition to maximise the use of your own stem cells. The supplement is packed with Vitamins A,B,C,D and E along with calcium, magnesium and zinc providing more energy and a "feel good" factor to all.
DermaStem A breakthrough serum to revitalise the skins appearance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore youthful appearance.
StemPets A chewable, liver flavoured tablet version of the human natural stem enhancer designed for dogs, cats and other house pets.
StemEquine An all-natural stem enhancer for horses in a granule format that can easily be added to your horses feed.

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Business Opportunity

StemTech, the company behind the products is operational in over 30 countries. Opportunities are also available to become independent distributors. Please call for more information or have a look at this video.

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