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Norsey Woodland Craft

Norsey Woodland Crafts

Makers of traditional and modern woodland products, Norsey Woodland Crafts are based in Billericay, Essex. Their products are produced from sustainable coppicing at Norsey Wood in Billericay. They are also suppliers of British BBQ charcoal and firewood.

All products are coppiced locally, made locally and sold locally. They are even able to say which area of the woodland the timber was sourced from and on certain products the exact spot the timber came from.

Benefits to utilising locally produced coppiced products are many. It is essential to woodland management and helps to create a greater diversity of wildlife including the dormouse and certain butterflies, such as Pearl Bordered Fritillaries which are dependent on good coppicing.

Using locally made coppiced products supports a small sustainable and traditional business, ensuring fuel miles and carbon emissions are kept to a minimum and helping to sustain the management of a beautiful woodland.

Chain saw carved headNew Products are being included all the time, presently these include a range of chain saw carved Green Men (spirit of the wood), a range of Easter Island style heads. and a very diverse range of mood face logs, bringing a smile to most peoples faces.

Contact Details
Norsey Woodland Crafts
Norsey Wood Yard
Norsey Wood
Outwood Common Road
Essex. CM11 1HA
07884 171147

For more information and product listing visit :

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