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MeadowMat Wild Flower Matting

Would you like a wildflower meadow in your garden?

One of the joys of summer is strolling through a wildflower meadow: delicate flowers bobbing in a gentle breeze; butterflies and bees buzzing and busily enjoying the nectar and pollen rich plants.

Bumblebee on field scabiousBees are vital to mankind but there has been a sharp decline in recent years due to a number of reasons including disease and the use of some pesticides, but one of the biggest problems is habitat loss: farming methods have changed and in the last 50 years or so we have lost 95% of our wildflower meadows which has negatively impacted complete ecosystems of butterflies, bumblebees, honey bees, insects, invertebrates and the small animals and birds that feed on them.

Fortunately, there is an increasing movement to re-introduce wildflower meadows: farmers that are re-introducing hedgerows and generally taking a more organic approach to growing; wildlife trusts eager to increase biodiversity; local authorities introducing swathes in parklands for residents to enjoy; and gardeners keen to bring a touch of that summer idle in to their own gardens – whether they have a handkerchief size plot or many acres!

Perhaps surprisingly, wildflower meadows are not always easy to establish. They need the right mix of grasses and plants and the right type of soil. Perennial meadows, for example, thrive best on poor soil as high fertility encourages excessive vigour in grasses that might crowd out the wildflowers. Lawns can be converted to wildflower meadows but it can take a number of years to be established as the balance between grass and wildflowers has to be continually redressed.

But however large or small your project, there is now an easy solution to quickly establishing a wildflower meadow........

MeadowMat wildflower turf []: an easy way to establish beautiful, low maintenance wildflower meadows in gardens, parks and farmland.

MeadowMat is laid just like ordinary lawn turf and can be installed at any time of year, subject to the ground Traditional MeadowMatnot being flooded or frozen. Depending on the time of year it is laid, it could even be flowing within a matter of weeks!

There are two types of MeadowMat and even a bespoke option for large areas. Both standard options provide an invaluable habitat for all sorts of creatures but the new MeadowMat for Birds and Bees focuses on – well yes, birds and bees! The plants in this new version have been chosen because they are rich in pollen to support bees, particularly in spring and autumn when nectar and pollen are in short supply. The plants included in this MeadowMat also produce architectural seed heads that look superb and are an excellent source of food for many birds.

MeadowMat is grown in the UK by Shrubhill Farms based in Norfolk. The farm's policy is to preserve and improve wildlife habitats and a range of arable crops are grown including wheat and potatoes. The farm also produces Environmat Sedum Matting and Q Lawns Turf.

For more information about MeadowMat, visit www.meadowmat .com
or call 0333 456 4526


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