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Entering the award
What do I need to do?


What do I need to do to enter the awards?

Firstly you will need to decide whether you are ready to try for the GOLD AWARD or whether you would prefer to start with the SILVER AWARD. To achieve an award there are certain conditions you must meet.

Both Awards require that you are committed to the following conditions:

In addition the GOLD award requires commitment to:

All the forms and relevant guidance information can be found on this site. You will need to complete an application form to register for an award. All applicants must comply with the hygiene laws. A local officer is available to help you with your application. (see area contact details)

The self-assessement form and guidance notes will help you to see if you meet the requirements of the Awards. You can either:

  1. Send the completed registration form to your local Council’s Environmental Health Section (shown on the form), and ask for further assistance.
  2. Complete the registration form AND the self-assessment form, and return both to your local Council’s Environmental Health Section (shown on the forms), to apply for a full assessment.

Once you have registered your application the EHO will check from records whether you are complying with hygiene laws. An Officer will then arrange a suitable time to visit. The assessor will examine the food on offer, will talk to members of staff about their understanding of their role and will review a small sample of your recipes.

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