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Entering the award
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I be interested?

A: Poor diet and even obesity has become very common in England. It causes major health problems and prevents people from simply feeling good. By becoming part of the ‘Healthy Eating’ award scheme you will be helping your customers to feel better and live longer. Many people are already seeking out caterers who provide healthy options, so it is also an excellent marketing opportunity. A ‘Healthy Eating’ Award can give you

Q: Will I need to make a lot of changes?

A: Hopefully you will already be using some healthy eating practices. Providing this is so you are well on your way to meeting the requirements to gain an award.

Q: Who operates the scheme?

A: This scheme is operated by the Essex Food Liaison Group which is a partnership of all Environmental Health Food Control Teams in Essex. It is receiving assistance from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. If you are interested in trying to gain an award, all the forms and relevant guidance information can be found on this site, or you should contact a food specialist EHO (Enviromental Health Officer) from your own local Council who will give you further advice. (see area contact details)

Q: Is it only about nutrition?

A: ‘Healthy Eating’ presupposes a good standard of food hygiene. To be eligible to apply for an Award you must be operating a documented food safety management system.

Q: How much will it cost and how long does it last?

A: Registering for an award is free. If an award is made, it too will be free. Re-assessments will take place whenever a routine hygiene inspection is made by your EHO. Normally this is every 18 months. However, in order to ensure ‘Healthy Eating’ award standards are upheld, unannounced random visits will also be made in addition to visits in response to complaints.

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